Continued mentoring at Hogar de Niños

Aspen Argentina has participated in Mandela Day for the past three years and the team has been highly encouraged by the impact that we are making. In 2023 and we again focused on making a difference in children’s lives at the Divino Niño Jesús Children’s Home in Buenos Aires.

This Home was established some 20 years ago, and it provides formal and informal education to about 30 socially vulnerable students aged six to 15 years.

The Divino Niño Jesús Children’s Home project mobilized Aspen employees to not only spend time with the children on Mandela Day but also to foster lasting connections with them. Since our initial programme in 2022, at least eight employees have formed strong bonds with the children. These students are visited by volunteers during the year to play board games, offer guidance for good decision-making, celebrate successes, and act as mentors to help them achieve their dreams. As a result of our continued engagement, we were eagerly welcomed back for the 2023 Mandela Day festivities.

Volunteers spent quality time with the children, played with them and helped them with various tasks.  Due to their deprived circumstances many of the students lack healthy nourishment which is a fundamental need. We are deeply aware of the significant daily efforts of the volunteers and chefs who prepare meals for the children. As such we decided to implement a nourishment programme by donating supplies and kitchen utensils to the Home to ensure that each student enjoys at least one healthy meal a day.