Aspen Mandela Day 2023

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Aspen hosts Mandela Day for 13th consecutive year, having reached 865 000 beneficiaries

During 2023, Aspen will be participating in Mandela Day for the 13th consecutive year and we will host more than 60 activities in 23 countries.

Stephen Saad - Aspen Group Chief Executive
Stephen Saad - Aspen Group Chief Executive

Stephen Saad, Aspen Group Chief Executive said, “Now, more than ever, communities globally are in desperate need of various forms of aid. They are deeply reliant on non-governmental organisations, the corporate sector, private non-profit organisations and local communities. Global poverty, social, political and environmental challenges coupled with limited healthcare resource threats are only a few of the hardships that desperate citizens are facing on unprecedented levels."

"Our employees have embraced Aspen’s Mandela Day campaign since we first launched our initiative in 2011 and we have remained committed to demonstrating an unwavering humanitarian spirit of generosity, humility and care for those who are less fortunate. During 2023 we will reach 865 000 beneficiaries since first engaging in Mandela Day, with activities focused on addressing poverty, confronting climate change and contributing to alleviating inequality."

"Aspen's Mandela Day campaign has become our Group flagship socio-economic development initiative, and our employees are the heroes behind this effort. I am again encouraged to note the heartfelt commitment of our teams from 23 countries who deliver on our purpose to improve health and quality of life of patients (and marginalised citizens) through this campaign.”

Through Mandela Day, we live our ethos of Healthcare. We Care as we partner with a range of beneficiaries across 6 continents. These causes provide relief for abandoned, neglected, orphaned or abused babies, children and women; the elderly, hungry and homeless; individuals battling mental wellness challenges; students who yearn to be educated; those who are disabled; victims of political conflict; residents at social rehabilitation institutions; healthcare facility patients who are in dire need of support and equipment; environmental and climate challenges; and inequality, among others.


We are grateful and humbled to be making an ongoing difference across the territories where we have a business presence and we will be updating our 2023 Mandela Day activities as they take place across the Group.