2019 Mandela Day


Aspen employees make a difference by caring for others

This is the ninth year that we participated in Mandela Day, and in 2019 we did so through more than 125 projects in 40 countries and regions.

Stephen Saad, Aspen Group Chief Executive

Our Group-wide effort is indicative of our international commitment to socio-economic development and our actions remain closely aligned to our corporate tagline “Healthcare. We Care”.

Our intentions are to ensure that our actions aren’t limited to 67 minutes one day of the year, but that our projects are sustainable and that partnerships are developed with worthy beneficiaries who we strive to continue to support through related initiatives where possible.

We remain overwhelmed at the impact that many of our Mandela Day projects have had on communities beyond the annual 18 July event. The majority of these projects are driven by our employees who volunteer selflessly to make a difference in the lives of others and I am humbled and encouraged that many of them become personally involved with their chosen beneficiary on a long term basis. This attitude underscores our corporate ethos of showing respect and care to others while instilling a spirit of dignity in citizens who have been disadvantaged through harsh circumstances that they have not chosen, but are unfairly subjected to.

Aspen’s Mandela Day projects cover a broad spectrum of initiatives that include healthcare, nutrition, education, social enhancement and development, infrastructural improvements, animal well-being and preserving the environment. There is no discrimination in beneficiary selection with kindness shown to citizens of all ages and from all walks of life.

Our sentiments are not driven exclusively by financial contributions but rather through physical actions which enable anyone to give back of their time. Some employees adopt very practical actions such as keeping company with a lonely pensioner or sharing a meal with them, planting mangroves to supplement a threatened ecosystem, improving play areas for children at orphanages, taking wheelchair-bound people on a walk through a park followed by a picnic or simply gifting a meal to a hungry or homeless person.

Aspen encourages you to make a difference for others too through any act of kindness, no matter how big or small, and in so doing demonstrate solidarity with our employees who are showing that We Care!

Our 2018 Mandela Day publication can be viewed here and a PDF can be downloaded here. Updates from participating Group businesses will be uploaded as they are received. To view these activities, click on the countries below.

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