Aspen’s recently established business unit in Hong Kong chose the AWL Ho Leung Kit Ting Care and Attention Home for the Elderly as their beneficiary. The home, which is managed under the auspices of the Asia Women’s League Limited, cares for 46 aged folk.

Aspen Asia’s office in Hong Kong has a small team of six employees, yet their diminutive size does not discourage their determination to make a difference and care for people who are in need.

In celebration of Mandela Day, the staff and their family members delighted in visiting the AWL Ho Leung Kit Ting Care and Attention Home for the Elderly which is partly subsidized by the Social Welfare Department of Hong Kong.

The Asia Women’s League Limited, a non-profit organization that runs four centers in Hong Kong for needy seniors who lack family support, manages this home.

The team from Aspen engaged in a number of activities with the residents including some moderate exercise, games and a creative session. The aged folk eagerly participated in the event and particularly enjoyed the performance by a 5-years old violinist and three little sisters who sang to them. Much to their delight, the beneficiaries also received gift bags filled with treats and healthy snacks before listening intently to a song composed and performed by a famous local band celebrating the life of Nelson Mandela.