Dementia screening support for the elderly

With an increasingly ageing population, the prevalence of dementia among the elderly is unfortunately becoming more common. Many dementias are progressive and early symptoms tend to be neglected by patients. It is crucial to recognise early signs of dementia and to get an accurate diagnosis as well as appropriate medical treatment from a healthcare provider to achieve the best results.

For Mandela Day, Aspen Asia in Hong Kong supported Bliss District Elderly Community Centre by proactively conducting dementia surveys by screening elders who have a higher propensity towards dementia. The survey was a preliminary screening tool to assess cognitive functioning and identifying early signs of dementia.

Approximately 70 folk were interviewed. Some were encouraged to undergo further evaluation with a social worker so that they could gain access to the care and support that could best assist them should their diagnosis be positive. The survey results proved to be very valuable to all the senior citizens involved including those who are not actively involved in activities at the centre.

In appreciation for their efforts, each participant also received a small gift.