Sowing good among communities brings change

This year, Aspen Pharma in Brazil, along with our employees, made a difference to more than 800 beneficiaries. We chose to support Instituto de Desenvolvimento pelo Esporte - the Institute of Inclusion and Development by Sport “(IDE”) and Central Única das Favelas (“CUFA ES”).

Aspen Pharma's Human Resources Director, Patrícia Franco, highlighted the importance of contributing to Mandela Day again in 2022.
"As an employee of Aspen Pharma, I am very proud to again be part of such an important project. We are aware of the value and meaning of supporting worthy causes and providing these contributions. We have been intentionally sowing good initiatives that are contributing to progress in society and we have been humbled to help others and witness meaningful change in their world,”
said Ms Franco.

IDE in Rio de Janeiro received 160 food baskets and personal hygiene items. They also received a donation of 34 computers to support their tutoring classes and the adult literacy programme. On the day of the visit, IDE arranged a special presentation with elderly students from the literacy class who were able to honour Nelson Mandela.

Anderson Leite, President of IDE said, “We are extremely grateful for these generous donations. There is a world to be conquered and here we fight to leave a legacy, to teach and to create opportunities."


"Thanks to your generous action, there were 160 families with guaranteed food on their table. This demonstrates Aspen’s sincere action, and also shows how much you care. Thank you on behalf of the entire Central team of the Favelas of the Holy Spirit," said Gabriel Costa, CUFA President.


Serra-based CUFA ES also received 160 basic food baskets. All our employees were not able to attend the handover, so each CUFA family received a basket with a personalised message from an Aspen employee and their family.