Aspen Ecuador

A new home for the Perfecto family An earthquake in Ecuador’s Manabi provice in April 2016 destroyed many families –claiming lives, homes and meager possessions. Yet, this catastrophe also changed the lives of Aspen Ecuador’s employees who reached out in need to a family that was left destitute.

Collaborating with Techo Para, an NGO that provides emergengy housing assemblies, Aspen employees dug deep and for four months each contributed financially to build a new home for Mr Perfecto’s family who had lost everything in the earthquake.

Fourteen Aspen volunteers came from Quito, Quayaquil and Manabi and slept in tents on the site while they built the home with the assistance of Techo Para.

Mr Perfecto and his family helped during the process but nothing could prepare the volunteers for the utter gratitude and joy expressed by this family when the key to the front door was handed to them amid celebrations of confetti, snacks and candy. This experience certainly changed lives forever.