Creating a brighter oncology experience

Jana Beránková

Facing cancer and chemo therapy is an extremely traumatic experience for a patient. The team in Slovakia decided to brighten up the oncology department at the FNsP F.D. Roosvelt Hospital in Banska Bystrica which was built in 1982 but hasn’t been maintained since.

Motivated by trying to improve cancer patient’s mental health, an oncology room was repainted, wooden panelling was removed, the floor repaired and wallpaper applied in areas.

The room was vastly more cheerful and a nurse said, “If a terminally ill patient comes here, he will survive.“ This priceless acknowledment was heartwarming, more so when the patient said, “I feel like I’m at home, sitting in my living room!"

What a wonderful reminder that such small deeds can have an immesurable impact on others.