United Arab Emirates

Love, treats and food given generously

Children at Dubai’s Mediclinic City Hospital suffering from pathologic ailments such as cancer or heart disease, enjoyed a day of entertainment and colouring activities with volunteers from Aspen Health Care who also took 78 little patients gift bags containing games, puzzles, toys and healthy snacks.

Many men who are responsible for the construction of the city work very long hours and cannot afford a meal – not to mention an Eid feast. As it was Ramadan, the Aspen team purchased 500 meals and distributed these to labourers on the streets of Al Quoz. Most live under very unpleasant conditions and receive a meager wage but they have no choice as this is the only means by which they can support their families.

The Dubai Autism Centre (DAC) is dedicated to improving the quality of life for children inflicted with autism spectrum disorders. Members from the EMENAC department spent the day with these children who desire nothing more than love and a little quality time. Together they coloured pictures, frosted cupcakes and make sparkling water bottles before being spoilt with educational gifts and treats.