United Arab Emirates

Aspen Healthcare’s Dubai-based team selected to support two beneficiaries: the SNF Development Centre (SNF) and the Dubai AlBarsha Centre, both which care for children with special needs.

SNF trains young adults who have special needs and does so without any government support. Since their establishment in 2007, they have been able to successfully integrate a number of students into the workforce and they continue to persevere in their goals of fostering acceptance for these adults who deserve an equal place in our society.

In the 2015 academic year the Centre had 100 students - 48 girls and 52 boys aged from 14 to 62 years. The Aspen team assisted the Centre in cleaning, re-stocking and re-organizing the activity classrooms. They also contributed toward arranging the student's artwork for various bazaars and special events that the Centre participates in.

Aspen also donated shelving and storage boxes for materials and stationery to ensure that the classrooms were ready for the start of the new academic year.

The Finance team embraced the needs of the Dubai Albarsha Centre that provides quality education and therapy to 30 children with special needs. This Centre has 20 classes with 8 children in each class. They offer holistic programs and attend to all aspects of the development of the students who have moderate to severe learning difficulties.

The team enthusiastically repainted the classes with the help of some of the children and also repacked and cleaned the storage rooms. The students thoroughly enjoyed themselves in the cooking classes that were hosted and they were also overjoyed to each receive a gift pack of toys and treats.