Our continued partnership with banco alimentare

In 2022, we had intended to volunteer our in-person support to Banco Alimentare for the ninth consecutive year. However, ongoing COVID-19 health emergency restrictions in Italy curtailed these sincere ambitions.


Not content with breaking the valuable partnership that we established with Banco Alimentare in 2013, we had no option but to support them financially.  Banco Alimentare, established in 1989, collects surplus product from the food industry and, after sorting and packing it, redistributes it to charitable organisations dedicated to meeting the needs of impoverished people. They were most grateful to receive our contribution of nearly US$6 000 which will be used by some 21 food banks across Italy.

They have made a significant impact on alleviating hunger and collected 7 000 tonnes of food from 11 000 points of sale in 2021. To date, some 4,8 million Italians have donated to this cause which has garnered the in-person supported of about 140 000 volunteers.