A brighter future for Orang Asli children


Aspen Malaysia's team participated in Mandela Day 2020 by supporting Orang Asli children.

Orang Asli, as indigenous citizens are named, have always lived a simple, uncomplicated lifestyle compared to urbanised Malaysians. Despite being classified as Bumiputra, which signifies a Malaysian status and affords the Orang Asli people certain social, economic and political rights, these residents of peninsular Malaysia are subjected to hardships such as poverty and limited healthcare and educational resources.

Pertubuhan Kebajikan Rumah Mega Kanak-kanak Orang Asli is a non profitable organisation that was established in 2017 in Kuala Lampur. Its purpose is to shelter less privileged children from rural areas. This centre is a place of safety that provides discipline, nutritious meals, accommodation and education in an urban environment. COVID-19 has, however, made it even more challenging for the centre and for these children to attend classes and to enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

Aspen's employees sourced and provided highly sought-after educational supplies and equipment to the centre. These donations included three computers that were pre-installed with the necessary software to enable the children to participate in online classes and also to educate them about information technology. The children were also very grateful to receive Aspen's care packages containing stationary, snacks and milk. The highlight of their day was most certainly a meal from a local fast food restaurant - an exceptional and rare treat indeed.

Through this project, Aspen's team demonstrated the importance of caring for others in need, empowering them through education and thereby contributing in a small way to a brighter future for these children.