Afforestation and community support in Zumpango



For the past 10 years, we have been making a difference to our community and those in need within the Mandela Day framework.

This year we partnered with Fundación Hogares, I.A.P in support of Mexico’s Esperanza Verde Garden, in Zumpango.

These two beneficiaries align closely to many of our objectives of environmental and community care.

Fundación Hogares is a Mexican philanthropic institution that strives to develop, support, and promote housing solutions that generate greater economic and social well-being for Mexicans.

At Esperenza Verde, the community and neighbours volunteer to recover abandoned spaces and transform them into areas that are suitable for cultivation and the production of vegetables.

Over many years, learnings have been adopted that encourage the daily practice of sowing and harvesting. As a result, an urban community garden has been created which is a 100% agroecological space for local residents.

On 21 July 2022 a team of 25 Aspen volunteers travelled to Esperanza Verde Garden to assist Fundación Hogares with multiple activities. Our primary aim was to forest the front area of the Garden as well as that surrounding the local school.

We provided and planted trees for the orchard to improve living conditions for the community while also increasing carbon capture. A perimeter fence was also erected to secure the area. An additional outcome of this activity was community engagement to create awareness about the importance of environmental care.

Our activities for this beneficiary and, in turn the community, also included fund raising. Through the drive and generous support of the our employees we raised US$16 200 which was used to equip, among others, the community kitchen. These funds also enabled us to purchase and install a biodigester to supply gas, as well as a refrigerator and a freezer.

The passion displayed by employees to this initiative is testament to our commitment, and demonstrates that we live out our ethos, Healthcare. We Care.