South Africa

Broad smiles at Tlhakanang

Nearly 1 000 learners from the Tlhakanang Primary School in Tembisa, north of Johannesburg were delighted with Aspen Pharmacare’s generous improvements to their school. Established in January 1960, the school accommodates learners from Grade R to Grade 7.

The team from Aspen spent a few days at Tlhakanang where they upgraded the kitchen that serves meals to the students. The library was improved with shelves, tables and chairs and a vegetable garden was introduced to complement the school’s feeding programme.

Classrooms, pathways and the generfal facilities were also attended to including replacing broken window panes, repairing the floors, walls and ceilings and adding a fresh coat of paint where it was needed most.

The highlight for the children was certainly the playground and sportsfield which had been cleared and substantially enhanced to encourage them to spend more time outdoors and to benefit from exercising and soaking up the African sunshine. They didn’t need an invitation to do exactly that!