Central Activities

Far East Region - Aridons

Fifteen deaf mute children who from the Aridons Association were treated to a fabulous animal experience and loads of fun provided by two Aspen volunteers and a very friendly clown, Malvina. Shustrik the rabbit, Cenis the tortoise and Fuzzy the hedgehog kept them entertained as they enjoyed an educational tactile experience before celebrating with a giant Russian honey cake called Mashenka and over 3000 air bubbles. What an exceptional time the children had!

Moscow and Central Russia Region – Domodedovo Rehabilitation Centre

The second project in this region also included members of the South African Embassy in Russia and focused on children with disabilities at the Domodedovo Rehabilitation Centre. The playground was landscaped, developmental activities were conducted with the children and sporting equipment was also provided to them.

North West Region – St Petersburg

Aspen Russia - Centralised Primary Activities: North West Region – St Petersburg: The Aspen team from St Petersburg dedicated this day to patients who have suffered severe strokes and who are based at the SPBGUZ Hospital for war veterans. These elderly patients were taught how to make chocolates and crepe paper flowers. These activities activate fine motor skills and alpha motor neurons that improves the blood supply to the brain. Their moods were further lifted by the wonderful the tea party that was hosted for them by 10 Aspen volunteers.

Siberia region

Terminally ill children with cancer at the Omsk Oncology Centre were entertained by two Aspen volunteers who cheered them up for the day. They enjoyed receiving balloons and sweets and were shown how to make bubbles– an activity that they thoroughly enjoyed and all participated in with absolute delight!

South region - Rostov Clinic

The Rostov team of three Aspen volunteers hosted a drawing festival entitled “Rainbow of Dreams” for disabled children who were undergoing planned medical examinations at the local clinic. Children’s furniture was also donated and assembled on site for the waiting area. The team ensured that a plentiful stock of art equipment was supplied to keep the young patients busy and to cheer them up. Their works of art will certainly add interest and colour to the walls of the waiting area.

Ural region

Giant bubbles, games, laughter, fun and remedial activities brought hours of delight to 20 children at the Planet Igrik Entertainment Centre.

The joy on the faces of these children, who all have autism spectrum disorder, cannot be expressed in words and the five Aspen volunteers who spent their day with them were most certainly blessed and impacted emotionally by the incredible experience.

Planet Igrik assists the children with sensory integration through the “I am Active”. An additional advantage of this occasion was that it gave the children an opportunity to make new friends and for parents to meet over a cup of tea and exchange contact details for future play dates. The children all left exhausted, excited and armed with multi-coloured balls and a souvenir photo. What a fabulous time they had!

Volga region – Kazan City

Four participants from Kazan City in the Volga Region assisted the local hospital and presented them with sponsorship for drinking water for the children for a year.

Moscow and Central Russia Region – Morozov Children’s Clinical Hospital

Representatives from the United Nations and the South African Embassy in Russia joined Aspen’s employees and this group of 73 made a significant difference for patients receiving palliative medical care at the Morozov Children’s Clinical Hospital.

The team upgraded the dining room, children’s wards and handed over donations that included a water cooler and medical equipment. The rooms were painted, new curtains were hung, stained glass doors were installed and wallpaper applied where required. After the hard work was completed, the little patients enjoyed being entertained as they listened to fairy tales in balloon-filled rooms while snacking on treats and appreciating gifts of clothing, toiletries and personal care items.

Individual projects

Moscow Region

Alexander Krutikhin has been a blood donor for more than 5 years and he encouraged friends as well as Evgeny Kucherov to join him at the local blood bank in this life saving initiative.

North West Region – Arkhangelsk

Five activities were carried out in this region. The Arkhangelsk Orphanage No 2 is home to 61 children who were blessed by donations of creative supplies by Igor Nikitin.

North West Region – GBUZ

Children based at the GBUZ Children's Republican Hospital’s allergen-pulmonology center had great fun with Shabdanbekov Eric, who, together with local Doctors Frolkova Katherine and Grinenko Alina hosted a “Box of Crayons” painting competition for the children aged 3 to 6 years.

North West Region – Murmansk

Animal care was the chosen preference ofElena Fedorova and Nikolay Yurpalov in Murmansk and Syktyvkar respectively. Their kindness towards the animals was warmly welcomed at the veterinarian

North West Region – Vologda

Vologda-based Irina Galaktionova spent a day entertaining 9-year old Lisa Rogulin who has Downs syndrome. They enjoyed fun activities together, which also gave Lisa’s mother some time to herself for a few hours.

Siberia Region

Vasileva Irina and Ekaterina Romadina are committed to caring for the environment so they set to work landscaping an overgrown playground in Barnaul City. Ornamental shrubs, trees and lawn was planted much to the delight of the children who use this facility.

Volga Region

Eight Aspen teams took part in a Mandela Day awareness campaign across the Volga Region. Their aim was to encourage greater local support and engagement in this campaign and to mobilise citizens to engage in local causes and make a difference in the lives of others on a regular basis. Information and posters were distributed in Samara, Saratov. Nizhny Novgorod and Kirov by Andrianova Elena, Natalia Tupikina, Ravil Sultanov, Shorina Nadezda, Kochetkova Ekaterina, Romanova Oksana, Kulikova Maryanna and Veronika Bazhina.

Volga Region – Kirov

The Kirov Orphanage also received a desperately needed donation of diapers for babies accommodated at this facility from Veronika Bazhina.