Providing meals across the country

Wendy Geddis

Aspen teams across Australia assisted two charity organisations through five projects for Mandela Day.

In New South Wales, South Australia, Western Australia and Victoria teams assisted in food preparation for meal deliveries for OzHarvest. This organisation receives food from a diverse range of suppliers enabling them to prepare meals to assist vulnerable families and feed thousands of citizens across the country.

The team from Victoria also supported FareShare in their inner-city vegetable garden project. They put on their gloves and t-shirts, took up their shovels and went gardening. The gardening tasks included weeding, planting, fertilizing, harvesting, composting, propagation, and pest management. FareShare Victoria has previously beensupported by Aspen, but the garden shift was a new experience for the team. FareShare’s newly introduced market gardens assist with the supply of food to less fortunate communities. Thousands of meals are prepared daily through this project and soup vans serve the meals to the homeless, food banks and school breakfast programs nationally.