Making a difference for the environment and our community

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Inspired by the values ​​that mark Nelson Mandela International Day, Aspen Pharma Brazil’s employees partnered with four organisations in support of the Group’s flagship socio-economic development campaign.

The partnerships included NGO EcoFlora and the Institute Inclusion and Development for Sport (IDE), in Rio de Janeiro, as well as Plantio Brasil and the Central Única das Favelas (CUFA), in Espírito Santo.

To reinforce Aspen's solidarity and embrace the cause, over 300 employees engaged in the Group’s 2023 Mandela Day activities to support the environment and local communities.


“This year, we participated in Mandela Day in an unusual way. We engaged in environmental action, while not forgetting our social commitment to the local community. We counted on the participation of all Aspen Pharma Brazil employees to plant 400 seedlings, donate 200 basic food baskets and warm clothes to IDE in Rio, and we shared an additional 200 basic food baskets with CUFA, in Espírito Santo. We were humbled to once again live out the legacy that has been placed in our hands by demonstrating our support and commitment to Aspen’s Mandela Day initiative,” said Marco Moraes, CEO – Aspen Pharma Brazil.


On 18 July 2023, 200 restinga vegetation seedlings were planted in the Nelson Mandela Municipal Natural Park in Rio de Janeiro while a further 40 tree seedlings were planted at our manufacturing site in Serra. Each seedling received a name plate linking it to an Aspen employee. This action, in partnership with environmental NGOs, reinforced the theme of Mandela Day 2023, "The legacy lives through you".


We also promoted other activities such as the winter clothing campaign and the donation of 400 food basic baskets, which were delivered to the IDE President, Anderson Leite, and the CUFA President, Gabriel Nadipeh. These donations supported the call to address poverty, confront climate change and contribute towards alleviating inequality.


IDE President, Anderson Leite, said, “We’ve been working tirelessly in this community 24/7 for 14 years, and we want to thank all the employees and managers at Aspen Pharma for your support on Mandela Day.”


Gabriel Nadipeh, President of CUFA said, “I want to thank the entire team at Aspen Pharma, both in Brazil and in other countries for the very nice action that you promoted. Today we are receiving 200 food baskets to serve vulnerable families in the state which makes a big difference.”


Patricia Franco, Aspen Pharma HR & ADM Director who has been integral to the Mandela Day campaign in Brazil for many years thanked the team for their tireless support and dedication to this annual initiative.


Dempsey Junior, Aspen plant controller, Serra said, “I was privileged to participate in Mandela Day and to plant trees. When you plant a tree, you plant life for other generations. I am very proud to be at Aspen and to be part of this cool action.”


Treasury Analyst, Isabela Fidelis shared that, “It’s a unique opportunity to be able to participate in Mandela Day in my first year at Aspen and I leave my legacy by planting a tree.”


“It is a totally difference experience to plant a tree and leave the seeds to sow a little hope for the future,” added Fabio Couto, Internal Audit Manager.


Phillipe Nathan, Talent Manager Specialist expressed gratitude to be able to make a difference by making contact with nature.


Elisabete Duarte, National Sales Manager said that the word to define Mandela Day is “gratitude” and she expressed gratitude to be able to participate in Aspen’s Mandela Day actions.