Aspen Pharma in Brazil has remained committed to the children of Cidade de Deus for a number of years.  Cidade de Deus is located in the western area of Rio de Janeiro and is home to a community who are among the poorest of the poor.

Support for this community goes beyond Mandela Day with the Aspen team aiming to introduce initiatives that contribute toward the development of the children so that they can become active members of society with a bright future.

Having recently hosted the 2014 Soccer World Cup, this sport was high on the agenda of activities and, as it is their national sport, proved to be very entertaining for the kids.The day included a range of other festivities too including physical and fun games and - the highlight for the children - a special meal and treats.

Aspen Pharma CEO Alexandre França addressed the children about the importance of discipline, emotional intelligence, teamwork and being focused in order to be happy and work towards a future. A recent examples of unfortunate results includes the Brazilian national football team, while, on the positive, the late Formula One racing legend Ayrton Senna remains a highly regarded role model of disciple, commitment and focus for the children.

View the video clip from Aspen Pharma's 2014 Mandela Day celebrations, click here