Caring for cancer patients

On 18 July 18 Aspen Pharma Brazil celebrated Mandela Day with a very special party at Ronald McDonald Institute that develops and coordinates programs that enable early diagnosis, appropriate referral, reception and quality integral care for young patients with cancer and their families.

The volunteers spent the morning with the Ronald Mc Donald recreation team and enjoyed entertaining and spoiling the children with snacks, games and fun.

Aspen also participated in the McDia Feliz programme by purchasing 500 tickets for its Rio de Janeiro branch and the facility located in Espírito Santo.

In addition, employees in Espírito Santo participated in another activity through the Capixaba Association Against Childhood Cancer, a non-profit organization that also helps children and adolescents with cancer.

Aspen Pharma wants to highlight the fight against childhood cancer and promote awareness of early diagnosis through various initiatives involving key collaborators. “We want to help share more information about the disease in Brazil and contribute toward changing lives of these patients in our country,” said Alexandre França.

Since its formation in 1999, Ronald McDonald Institute has helped transform the history of Brazilian pediatric oncology. In 18 years of dedication, it has already allocated more than R$330 million to benefit some 3 million children and adolescents.

To meet the specific needs of Brazilians, they develop local programs such as Comprehensive Care and Early Diagnosis. The organization has the support of doctors, researchers, social campaigns and works with a network of partner organizations that also work for the cause.