Heightened solidarity actions as we celebrate our 12th anniversary


Hunger and poverty are a reality for about 14.5 million Brazilian families, the highest recorded rate among more than 215 million citizens since August 2012.

During a pandemic, the need for food and healthcare relief increases exponentially, as has been experienced in Brazil and worldwide. It therefore made sense for heightened solidarity efforts to support vulnerable families in the country as we continue to strive to promote actions and ideas that inspire positive change for humanity.


In 2021, Aspen Pharma Brazil celebrated our 12th anniversary, and we chose to share the occasion through meaningful Mandela Day activities as we have done since 2012.

We stood true to our spirit of solidarity, which is woven into our DNA, and donated two tons of food to two non-government organisations that serve impoverished families. Our employees also rallied together and provided 1 500 personal care items to families in need.


Our 2021 beneficiaries, the Institute for Development (IDE) through Sport in Rio de Janeiro and CUFA do Espírito Santo located in Serra close to our manufacturing site, received our donations on 16 July 2021. COVID-19 social distancing and isolation restriction protocols impacted the traditional activities that we would host with our employees, but the day was livestreamed and enjoyed remotely. While this approach didn’t compare to our customary annual festivities, it ensured that we collectively participated with the proud Mandela Day spirit that we are known for.