Aspen Caricam’s team are no strangers to participating in Mandela Day and in 2023 they celebrated their 10th year of support for this Aspen Group flagship initiative.

They chose to support three worthy beneficiaries’, Green Wolf Costa Rica, Fundación Estamos Presentes and Bosques Del Lago.

As in 2019, Aspen Costa Rica again aligned with Green Wolf CR, a NPO, that actively addresses environmental changes and critical initiatives to preserve life through actions such as reforestation and cleaning of rivers and mountains. The project adopted for Mandela Day required restoration at Colegio Ricardo Fernández Guardia which would benefit nearly 1200 students and 150 families in the community.

Aspen’s volunteers participated in various painting projects at the school including painting the façade of the Industrial Workshop with a mural artist. A garden for pollinators and a vegetable garden was also established to provide local families and students with access to their own crops.

These initiatives are extremely important with the redirection of corporate resources improving public education centres.

On 14 July 2023, a team of volunteers from Aspen Guatemala spent the day at Bosques Del Lago. The Tacatón Village in this area is home to approximately 500 inhabitants and a private field was established by one of the families to implement a reforestation programme in order to restore previously existing forests and woodlands that have been destroyed or damaged.

The local families actively contribute to the ecosystem of this area and Aspen’s volunteers joined them for the day to plant trees and stand in solidarity with their environmental preservation efforts.

Fundación Estamos Presentes – Is a non-profit organisation that assists approximately 40 vulnerable and orphaned children who have no access to education, basic needs or a place to call their home.

Aspen Dominican Republic volunteers brought some cheer to the children with fun activities, treats, games and cake which gave them a reason to smile for the day.