Trading hotdogs for medicine

Denisse Lucía Molina Dupuy

The Hogar Esperanza Foundation, which shelters 25 children from birth to 5 years of age, received Aspen Chile’s support once again in 2017. The foundation receives no support from the government but is always in need of funds to cover its monthly operational costs, and, more importantly, to be able to provide medicines for diseases related to growth deficiencies as well as for cancer and epilepsy.

The Aspen team decided to host a “Completada” (hot dogs with drinks) fundraiser, and, in true Chilean spirit, they rallied together 50 family members and friends to provide added support for the occasion. The success of the event far exceeded expectations and the enthusiastic employees were able to hand over a donation that was generous enough to cover all Esperenza’s medicine costs for a month. This could not have been achieved without the 40 employees who participated in the event and it proved that working together as a team yields exceptional results.