Tech tools to help educate young students

In commemoration of Nelson Mandela Day, the Aspen Chile team decided to support students from the Protectora de la Infancia School in Puente Alto. These children are in socially vulnerable situations and face high probabilities of limited access to formal education.

The Protectora de la Infancia foundation is a nonprofit organization established more than 100 years ago. Motivated by their core belief that education is key to overcoming poverty and changing the world, they have established a network of schools that provide children from low-income backgrounds with access to free, quality education.

In order to equip students with the skills to tackle life’s new challenges, the foundation works to create a support network involving parents, guardians, and teachers. This ensures that children feel their educational journey is supported by everyone important in their lives.

As part of their commitment to providing the younger generation with essential technological tools, Aspen Chile donated a portion of its technological equipment to the school to help educate students using appropriate tools. Twelve employees from Aspen Chile also made a positive impact on 30 young students aged three to five by engaging in activities like fishing, face painting, board games, taking photos with their favorite superheroes.