Entrepreneurship training for unemployed bakers

Aspen Chile has been actively involved in Mandela Day for a number of years. Our chosen beneficiary for 2020 was Santiago-based Fundación Alcance. This non-profit organisation drives initiatives that serve less fortunate citizens through social welfare programmes which are aimed at improving quality of life.

More than 200 Chileans have already benefited from the educational, training and entrepreneurship programmes offered by Fundación Alcance. In December 2019 Aspen adopted this NGO as its Mandela Day partner for 2020 and began implementing various self-sustaining initiatives to positively impact lives.

Specific focus was placed on committing support to a group of 16 women who have no formal education, and, as a consequence, experience limited employment opportunities. It was agreed that these vulnerable ladies would benefit from knowledge that could complement their small businesses which sell confectionary products to local communities.

In an effort to increase their employment opportunites, Aspen Chile consequently hosted an employability workshop for the women. During the training, insight was obtained concerning their needs, the realities of the employment opportunites available to them, and the depth of discrimination that they experience given their socio-economic background.

Supplementary entrepreneurship training and appropriate tools were also provided to assist them with the preparation and sale of their products.

The December 2019 implementation of this project could not have taken place at a better time as Aspen inadvertantly provided the women with critical tools and training that stood them in good stead amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through this program, Aspen Chile has indeed demonstrated how to take action, inspire change and make every day a Mandela Day.