Books and supplies for Sangzhi Primary School’s learners

In 2023, some 550 employees from Aspen China supported students from Sangzhi County Primary School for Mandela Day.

From 1986 to 2020 Sangzhi County, which is located in the alpine mountains on the North-western border of Hunan Province, was regarded as one of the key poverty-stricken Counties in China.

Sangzhi Primary School has more than 160 students with many having been abandoned and others coming from severely impoverished families.

The team from Aspen China learnt of the plight of these young students and chose to support the school through donations of some 800 books, school and stationery supplies, sporting equipment and a few computers.

While so much more is needed to achieve real relief at the school, Aspen’s team was humbled by the difference they were able to make for the young learners.