Dream big and change your life

Venesa Blanquer

“Dream” is such an important word. Without dreams we can’t aspire towards a better life. This is the main message of the Biblioseo Foundation. As in 2016, Aspen Colombia supported this foundation that empowers and advises children and youth to build their dreams and make them real.

This group of children are showing that they will not become victims of vulnerable communities, welfare dependency or mental poverty. Biblioseo has helped them to structure their dreams and look for solutions to their situations because they appreciate that education and providing support to develop talent and leadership makes a significant difference in the lives of children and the youth.

Aspen volunteers supported the cause with generous donations of supplies and together with the children, repaired the library roof and painted the facility and surrounding amenities expressing messages of hope, happiness, unity and friendship as encouragement.

Eager community members became involved as well, and an area populated with rubbish was also cleared and filled with fresh soil, and subsequently has been converted into an organic garden planted with vegetables to sustain the foundation.

The team were overwhelmed by the children, who, with less that 18 years’ experience, have taken the lead on structuring their dreams and are committed to making them real. This shows that you’re never too young or too old to dream big!