One country, three cities, triple impact!

Two years ago, Aspen Colombia’s employees set a goal to increase our Mandela Day activities by expanding this initiative to an additional city each year so as to spread Aspen’s impact in support of this annual event.

This year, that objective was achieved! The Colombian team hosted Mandela Day activities in three cities for three beneficiaries.

In Medellín we supported Niños Del Sol, an HIV/Aids Foundation, by improving their bathrooms and entertaining those inflicted with this disease for the day at an amusement park.

In Barranquilla we showed our care to Reto De Barranquilla that cares children diagnosed with cancer. We invited these young patients and their families to enjoy a special day of fun with us and we also donated a TV to the foundation to screen educational programmes on cancer management in children.

In Bogotá we invited cancer patients from Simmon Foundation to share a fun-filled day that included an important presentation about cancer nutrition. As part of the festivities we also played bingo, listened to a piano recital by a very talented pianist and shared in important life and faith values.

We are grateful to once again have been able to show Aspen Colombia’s caring spirit to others through our Mandela Day initiatives.