“This little experience has changed our lives”

Employees at Aspen Colombia started their Mandela Day efforts as early as March through fundraising activities for two beneficiaries – one in Cali and another in Bogotá.

A lot of fun was had by the team who engaged in food sales, games, bingo and a world cup football pool using a mobile app. Their efforts were rewarded with US$ 1 564 raised. An additional donation of US$1215 was made by Aspen resulted in essential and emergency goods being bought for both foundations. The initiative was so inspiring that some suppliers also decided to make donations.

A first cinema experience for some cancer patients

The team in Cali spent a wonderful time with 20 young children who have cancer. The Carlos Portela Foundation is dependent on the generosity of donors to support economically disadvantaged families who are unable to provide treatment for their children. Sadly there is little to no hope of survival for the majority of these children.

The sales team spoilt them and their parents with an excursion to a local cinema –something which many of them had never experienced before. It was an emotional, humbling and very exciting adventure for the children, their parents and also for the team!

The gratitude expressed by a parent whose child is suffering from leukemia was overwhelming: “God bless you all. This is my first time at the cinema. We came from a little village to Cali and today you have made our lives different. It will be unforgettable for me and my child, who will probably never come to the cinema again. This little experience has changed our lives. Many thanks Aspen!”

After spending a life-changing day with these little ones, donations of food, cooking and kitchen appliances and electronics were presented to the Foundation.


Bringing hope to young mothers

The Bogotá team supported the Creo Foundation that assists 25 needy pregnant girls and 15 young mother aged 15 to 18 years. While visiting the foundation, Emilio Rey, Aspen Medical Director spoke to the ladies about female health and pregnancy following which Nora Álvarez, Aspen Nutritional Advisor, discussed the importance of healthy nutritional habits and taught them how to cook healthy, tasty low-budget meals withouts.

Creo was extremely grateful for the donations of food, clothing, books, diapers, linen, toiletries as well as Infacare and S-26 nutritional products.

Jessica, a 17 year old mother thanked Aspen and said, “No one has done anything like this for us before. You don’t even know us but you shared your time, activities and money with us. That shows the kind of caring company that you are. Thank You!”