Aspen builds a home for the Fandiño and Tovar families

Aspen’s team in the Andean Region comprising Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, partnered with Colombian-based Catalina Muñoz Foundation to significantly change the lives of two families. Through our heartfelt commitment and desire to make a meaningful difference, both the Fandiño and Tovar families received the gift of a house in celebration of Mandela Day 2023.

The team of 36 volunteers from Aspen’s Bogotá office constructed two houses on 4 July 2023, each measuring 387.5 square feet. These homes can accommodate two families of six members each who have been living in extreme poverty in a tin structure without electricity. They have also been forced to endure extensive and unrelenting exposure to the natural elements, particularly the rain and intense cold.

The houses were constructed from prefabricated panels and were built within a day under the direction of an on-site architect appointed by Catalina Muñoz Foundation. A small self-sustaining vegetable garden was also established for each family.

The gratitude expressed by both families was indescribable and there is little doubt that the humanitarian spirit demonstrated by Aspen’s volunteers will have a lifelong impact on these beneficiaries.

The Catalina Muñoz Foundation was established 17 years ago and this non-profit organization is tirelessly committed to offering habitat and community development solutions to socially and economically vulnerable communities. Through strategic alliances, corporate volunteering, and youth engagement, it has been generating impactful outcomes and has built over 3 800 houses to enhance the quality of life of less fortunate families.