Costa Rica – Caricam

Supporting palliative care patients with PPE

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the country which in turn has resulted in this Palliative Care Unit not being able to continue to assist patients with care activities in their customary environment. As a consequence of in-country restrictions, the facility has been temporarily closed and healthcare workers are required to travel extensive distances across the country to provide care to their patients.

Mandela Day was different this year. In the midst of a global pandemic, Aspen Caricam supported the Palliative Care Unit from the National Children´s Hospital in San Jose, Costa Rica. This facility provides assistance to children with limited life expectancy or terminal illnesses.

The Palliative Care Unit currently has about 1 500 patients and 25 employees and they are solely dependent on social contributions in order to function optimally.


In response, Aspen Caricam donated personal protective equipment (PPE) required by the healthcare workers, which has enabled them to visit patients at their homes. More than 3000 face masks were donated to protect patients, their families and employees during these visits.

Aspen's employees participated in the initiative by contributing financially towards the PPE while some also volunteered to assist with packing supplies for the beneficiary.