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Caring for La Carpio’s families


Aspen Caricam offered their Mandela Day support to the residents of La Carpio, which is located in a remote section of San José in Costa Rica.

La Carpio is home to thousands of refugees from the Nicaraguan civil war of the 1980’s and 1990’s. It is one of the poorest areas in Costa Rica and also one of most dangerous.


This vulnerable community receives no government support, and they rely on Sistema de Formación Artística para la Inclusión Social (“SIFAIS”), a non-profit organization of volunteers and corporate funders, to provide free socio-educational services to children.In addition to feeding approximately 60 children daily, SIFAIS enriches their lives through study programmes such as mathematics, Spanish, geography as well as art, sports and music.

Aspen generously donated US$ 4 000 to provide nourishing food packs of staple supplies which brought relief to some 180 families. The team was also not deterred by Covid isolation protocols which limited interaction with the children and as an alternative they collected clothing, shoes and toys as a further gesture of kindness. Employee’s children also got involved by painting pictures for 32 children who were very grateful to receive these unexpected, thoughtful gifts.