Costa Rica

Aspen Costa Rica cares in many respects. It cares about creating an excellent internal environment for its employees, but also, and more importantly, it cares about the impact that the company and its actions have on the lives of patients, clients, medics, family and friends. The Group’s corporate values remain fundamental to the daily functioning of this business.

This year the team of 20 employees choose to visit the Geronto Vida nursing home, a non-profit association that offers group and individual attention to elderly people so they can have a better quality of life and improved psychological health.

The 60 residents, who are all abandoned alcoholics, were rescued by the Home from a homeless life on the street and have been given an opportunity to fully recover from alcoholism and enjoy a quality life. They have lost everything and simply yearn for someone who can show them some kindness and care enough for them to spend a few hours in their company.

The Aspen team supported Geronto Vida on 27 July 27 when they visited these abandoned pensioners and had an outstanding day of fun which included playing bingo with them. In addition, they planted 100 trees on the premises and also cleared and tidied the property to create an enhanced environment for the residents and care givers.

While the team’s impact was greatly appreciated, it was the employees who felt that they gained the most from the emotional experience. By caring for these loving folk, they realized how fortunate they are and this instilled a renewed sense of gratitude within them for their many blessings.