Czech Republic

The SeneCura Senior Citizen's home in Pilsen was selected as Aspen's beneficiary for Mandela Day. This home offers social services to the elderly and focuses on providing care to those suffering from Alzheimer's disease and other forms of senile dementia.

Aspen's team of 10 employees met with SeneCura's management team and they agreed that improvements to the garden would add immense value to the Home. Visiting families and patients need a functional and pleasant outdoor environment to relax in one another's company, and this was a perfect solution for the residents.

Aspen's team planted 60 trees at SeneCura Home
Aspen's team planted 60 trees at SeneCura Home

Extensive discussions, landscape planning and procurement took place to ensure that the selected plants and material would be delivered for the activitiy. The team put on their gardening gloves and set to work while enjoying a change of scenery as they participated in creating a space that is versatile, practical, environmentally friendly and inviting.


The project included planting 60 Cherry Laurel (Prunus laurocerasus) trees which added substantial greenery to the gardens and which will contribute to a pleasant atmosphere for the residents who are being encouraged to spend more time outdoors.

SenaCura's management team and residents were extremely grateful for Aspen's kind gesture. The Director of the facility said that he is very grateful for the contribution which is the first step towards a complete change of their outdoor area and facilities. The Aspen team comprising Miroslava, Jana, Lucie, Tomas, Radim, Zbyněk, Martin, Jana, Lenka, Dáša as well as Denisa from Aspen Slovakia, were delighted with the improvements made to the Home.

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