Kindness is in our DNA

Daniela Muñoz

One of the most anticipated days of the year for the team in Ecuador is Mandela Day, as it has been celebrated for the past four years since Aspen initiated operations in the country. This year, two beneficiaries were selected, one in the capital city of Quito and another in Guayaquil.

The Centre of Reference and Inclusive Hosting in Conocoto cares for 50 people with disabilities and who, in many instances have either been abandoned by their families or removed from them. The residents, aged from 14 to 48 years, suffer from a range of ailments including paraplegia or intellectual deficiencies. They receive medical care as well as psychological and occupational therapy at the centre.

About 75 Aspen employees supported this beneficiary by raising funds to purchase and install windows and to paint the facility. Some residents keenly assisted with the improvements and enjoyed being able to work alongside the team in a jovial spirit.

Once completed, a delicious meal was enjoyed and donations comprising personal hygiene items, household cleaning equipment and building supplies, which had been purchased through funds raised by Aspen’s employees, were handed over.

We parted with humble, grateful hearts for having met these people who taught us with their smiles that our contribution can change lives. The experience has also encouraged us to explore more ways in which we can reach out to others in need.

Our second beneficiary, the Kairos Foundation in Guayaquil, assists vulnerable children and families from disadvantaged communities. This NPO has been able to establish an infrastructure to provide education and grooming for more than 2 000 children. The foundation expressed a need for building materials to progress their planned construction of the facility, and we eagerly assisted them with donations of cement and paint. Volunteers eagerly set to work painting the external structures while colleagues entertained some 500 children and provided them with a nutritious meal. The joy and gratitude of the children was priceless and will forever remain engrained in our memories.