Aspen´s team of volunteers in Ecuador celebrated Nelson Mandela´s birthday with activities and donations to Hogar de Niños San Vicente de Paúl.

This children's home is located near the colonial area of Ecuador's capital, Quito, and provides shelter and protection to 20 toddlers, 40 children ranging from 5 to 12 years old and 22 adolescents. It was moving to see 25 Aspen employees and some family members being caringly involved in such a special project dedicated to this underprivileged community.

The activities at Hogar de Niños San Vicente de Paúl started off with a short biography of Nelson Mandela in order to create awareness among the beneficiaries of the true essence of the celebration. Thereafter the children were divided into three teams for unbridled outdoor fun which included a variety of games, painting, music and dance contests and other activities.

Tummies rumbled after two hours of fun and the kiddies were all given a much-needed meal as well as a glass of Aspen Nutritionals' milk formula to recharge. After lunch, Felino an Aspen mascot, entertained the children while the Aspen volunteers prepared for the Play “Pedrito & el Lobo” (Peter and the Woolf), which was characterized by a Fairy who narrated the story while 10 Aspen volunteers interpreted the different scenes. The core message from the play focused on the importance of telling the truth and avoiding lying.

Festivities for the day closed out with a “Crazy Hour Party” of music, masks, whistles, funny glasses and props, two big cakes, delicious snacks and animations from all our volunteers. The home was immensely grateful for the fun day as well as  all the donations which included clothing, school stationery, milk formula, toys and a suprise sweet gift for each child.