Acts of kindness out in the field

The newly established Ethicare team was only 18 days old when the very enthusiastic team embraced Mandela Day for the first time on 18 July.

Sales representatives in the field showed acts of random kindness by handing out sandwiches and drinks to less fortunate citizens. “Demonstrating respect to those in need, sharing a kind word and instilling some dignity through a small meal and a smile takes so little, yet this thoughtful gesture can have such a meaningful impact as many of the team experienced,” said Mike Engelbrecht, Ethicare CEO.

Ethicare’s primary beneficiary was the Itlokomeleng Old Aged Home that cares for nearly 100 destitute elderly citizens. Employees made financial contributions to purchase toiletries, cleaning materials and non-perishable food which were donated to the home. The pensioners were overwhelmed by the afternoon lunch and cupcakes that were served to them by Ethicare volunteers and their heartfelt expressions of appreciation were enough to spur the team on to continue caring for the needs of others throughout the year and not only on Mandela Day.