South Africa

Heartfelt fun and gratitude

Fine Chemicals Corporation (FCC) left a huge impression on the staff and students at Litha Primary School in Guguletu, Cape Town.

The FCC contingent of more than 35 employees changed the nature of the school and certainly gave the children one of the best days of their lives. It was not just an investment of money and resources but most importantly of time.

FCC pledged to fence the school’s sports field, and donated 400 chairs for their classes to replace those that are no longer comfortable due to age.

A highlight for the children included the netball, soccer, arts and crafts, and tug-of-war challenges with the FCC visitors. The 605 children were so very grateful to receive a warm meal as well as goody bags, beanies and scarves. The look of gratitude their faces priceless and it gave new meaning to appreciating the little things in life.

Thanks to the generosity of the FCC staff and some valued business partners, the budget for the initiative was nearly tripled! What a fantastic Mandela Day!