South Africa

The employees from Fine Chemicals Corporation (FCC), will be supporting the Tehillah Community Centre and the Casa Mia Pre-primary School on Mandela Day.

Tehillah has various needs and the team have elected to support it by painting a number of the rooms including the leisure areas such as the dining room and the communal television room as well as the resident nursing sister's facilities.

A variety of household appliances will also be donated to Tehillah by FCC staff, including a convectional microwave oven, two standard microwave ovens, one double door fridge-freezer combination unit and a generous supply of blankets.

Casa Mia will be receiving a supply of education toys for use in the classrooms and outdoors. A microwave oven has also been donated to assist with the preparation of meals for the children.

About Tehillah Community Centre

This facility is based in Leonsdale, Elsiesriver in the Western Cape. The Tehillah Community Collaborative is a non profit organisation rendeing a holistic service towards socio-economic challenged situations, poverty, unemployment, TB and HIV/AIDS preventative programmes. The Centre advocates an open door to victims of abuse to children, youth, women and ment, and also offers a youth development outreach programme.

Tehillah is a 24-hour Multi Purpose Centre consisting of four clusters to ensure operational effectiveness. There are numerous developments and outreach programmes within each cluster which comprise Social Development / Services; Health; Education; and Arts and Culture.

Tehillah provides a one-stop service with the aim to transform the community mind, body and soul so as to create healthy communities that are self-reliant and that can govern their own lives and families effectively. Tehillah cares for 149 children and 128 adults.

About Casa Mia Pre-primary School

Casa Mia is based in Plumstead in Cape Town and provides educational support to 24 children with learning disabilities.