Germany – Bad Oldesloe

Aspen Bad Oldesloe has been an active participant in our Mandela Day activities for more than a decade. During 2023 this team supported Stormini, a children’s play city in Reinfeld and retained their ongoing support for Hamburg’s Mitternachtsbus.

More than 300 children took part over seven days in this fascinating simulation game at the Immanuel Kant School in Reinfeld. As residents of Stormini, the children go about their work during the day in tents and classrooms. The day begins in the morning with the children queuing at the job centre in the role of Stormini citizens, choosing a job and experiencing an exciting profession for about an hour so that they can withdraw money from the savings bank at the end of the day.

The Stormini citizens aged between 10 and 13 who were interested were able to learn more about pharmacist and chemical laboratory technician professions at our Aspen classroom. On 20 and 21 July 2024, the Stormini citizens enjoyed interactive experiences with Omid Asgari, Julien Grunbaum, Rahmat Sharifi and Nico Suer making ‘Storminulus’ – vitamin bombs created from chocolate. They also produced creams made with a tube filler as well as lip balm which they were able to sell later the evening at the Stormini marketplace.

This engaging an interactive project was enjoyed by the children and Aspen team alike and we look forward to supporting the Stromini initiative once again in 2024.

The midnight bus has been operational since 1996. It drives through Hamburg 365 days a year day and provides about 200 homeless people with drinks, food and, if necessary, blankets, sleeping bags and clothing.

As in previous years, colleagues from Aspen Bad Oldesloe supported the night-time work of the midnight bus in Hamburg. On 31 August 2024 Michael Jacobsen took his turn and shared his experience:

Michael Jacobsen

We thank Michael for his insightful summary of what is not seen or wants to be seen on the streets of Hamburg at night!

With appreciation to Nicole Reimers and Michael Jacobsen