South Africa

Staff from Aspen's flagship manufacturing facility in Port Elizabeth engaged with three organisations in support of Mandela Day.

The ACVV Kamvelethu Drop-in Centre aims to assist street children by providing a daily meal as well as an educational programme to empower them to become positive, functioning members of society. They feed about 45 children every day and also offer educational and life skills programmes for adults.

The Aspen team attended to an extensive range of needs at the centre. The supplied and installed 3 toilets, a geyser, burglar proofing, showering facilities including plumbing requirements, replaced broken windows and a roof for an outdoor area; renovated the kitchen with new cupboards, a tiled floor and repainted the majority of the centre. The children also enjoyed receiving gift packs of socks and caps, and relished in the entertainment while enjoying delicious cupcakes.

The Mordecai Centre, run by an elderly but dedicated woman, offers a safe place for children, many of whom come from abusive homes and who are referred to her through the court system. She looks after varying numbers of children at any time ranging from 9 to 28 children.

Many of the centre's needs were attend to by the Aspen team, including repairs to the kitchen cupboards, stove and beds while the jungle gym was also renovated to the joy of the children. Party packs were welcomed by the kiddies and the Aspen team will be returning to install an intercom system and flood lights at the centre.

Cheshire Home cares for chronically physically disabled adults who are resident either by choice, or due to circumstances beyond their control.  The home accommodates 42 disabled  adults, aged 18 and older, and also runs a daycare centre called Happy Feet for 12 children. The Aspen team assisted the home with generous donations of blankets, clothing and shoes which were graciously received by the beneficiaries.