South Africa

Bringing joy to Masifundisane’s pre-schoolers

Approximately 55 young children at Masifundisane Pre-Primary School in Durban North once again welcomed Aspen Holdings which much excitement on Mandela Day. The event was well supported by employees, with many helping for the day while others contributed for shorter periods.

The team installed a second carport in the play area to provide shade for the little ones and their cycle track was refreshed with colourful paint.  Their wooden shed was treated with creosote to keep the ants at bay; the sand pit was tilled with salt to ensure that it is bacteria free; and a handrail was installed on the stairway to help the kids climb up and down the stairs safely.

New shelves were installed in the storeroom, their classrooms were neatened, the bookshelf reorganised and educational posters where put up.

A Nandos lunch box was supplied to each of the young learners as well as a backpack as well as various toys including golf clubs, balls and netball hoops and nets.

Aspen’s ethos of caring for others was definitely evident in the joy expressed on the little faces and through their gestures of appreciation.