Hong Kong

Virtual interaction with the elderly


The Aspen Asia team extended a caring spirit to support residents at the Hong Kong Christian Service - Wah Hong Home for the Elderly by participating in virtual visits for Mandela Day.

The Covid-19 pandemic has dealt a particularly hard blow to the elderly who have been unable to receive visitors at their residential care home since early 2020, and who have been forced to unexpectedly deal with the realities of social isolation and loneliness.

To help alleviate the effects of isolation, the government subsidized Wah Hong Home’s purchase of a walking robot with a screen showing the face of the caller. The wheeled robot is remote-controlled with wireless connectivity to facilitate virtual communication and it also served as a valuable digital resource between the Aspen team and the elderly.

The residents thoroughly enjoyed the experience of being introduced to this exciting new digital technology specifically aimed at enhancing social interactions. Amid the ravages of the pandemic, they were at least able to connect with the community, family and friends albeit digitally.