Hong Kong (SAR)

Aspen’s angels prepare meals for underprivileged communities

The team from Aspen Pharmacare Asia (“Aspen Asia”) were excited to partner with Food Angel and to host their first on-site Aspen Mandela Day activity since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Food Angel uses edible surplus food from different sectors of the food industry in Hong Kong and, under strict safety protocols, prepares nutritious, hot meals for redistribution to underprivileged communities. 

Since their launch in 2011, Food Angel has continuously achieved their mission of “Waste Not, Hunger Not” and currently produces more than 20 000 meal boxes on a daily basis using rescued surplus food. 

Aspen Asia first supported Food Angel for Mandela Day in 2017 when a team of 12 employees prepared 1 000 healthy meals. 

Having previously experienced the value of their efforts, this year 17 volunteers again contributed to the incredible work carried out by Food Angel and they enthusiastically served in their central kitchen on 5 July 2023.

The team assisted to prepare 2 264 meal boxes which provided much needed sustenance to vulnerable residents in the city. 

Food Angel manages an efficient operation in a compact space and preparation takes place under a soaring temperature of 33ºC. These conditions didn’t deter Aspen’s volunteers who enjoyed the activity and considered it to be extremely rewarding to contribute toward alleviating poverty and serving the community. They all agreed that it was a fantastic Mandela Day!