Hong Kong

The Lai Yiu Bradbury Care Home, managed under the auspices of Helping Hand, provides personalized residential care  for 76 elderly residents, many who do not have relatives in Hong Kong and who lack family support. The Aspen Asia team in Hong Kong selected this organisation as their worthy project for the year.

Helping Hand’s objective is to meet the emerging housing, caring and other needs of senior citizens as quickly, effectively and imaginatively as possible.  Rehabilitative, social, recreational, educational and developmental activities are organized for the residents.

The 13 Aspen Asia team members together with their family members (and two cuddly puppies) visited the care home in celebration of 2014 Mandela Day and succeeded in cheering up the elderly folk. The event began with the performance of four little girls, all daughters of Aspen employees, who sang a series of songs, recited a poem and shared a very humorous joke.  The aged guests thoroughly enjoyed the special attention, games that were played with them as well as the snacks and gifts that were shared  during the visit.

A "Reminiscence Corner" has been established in Lai Yiu Care Home to help those elderly residents suffering from Senile Dementia. 'Reminiscence Approach' is used to help them maintain their memory.

Residents showed their appreciation through a tribute sang by  an elderly lady. The team who were delighted to see that even those folk who suffered from memory loss or cognitive limitations also enjoyed the visit, even if they did not remember it later.