Driven by a caring spirit, commitment, and contributions from our employees, Alphamed, a Hyderabad-based Aspen subsidiary, has been celebrating Mandela day for more than a decade. This year Alphamed participated in Aspen’s Mandela Day Campaign by providing a wholesome meal to residents at RK Mother Teresa Home.

Alphamed Team

RK Mother Teresa Foundation is a fully operational medical care centre which was established in 2009. This NGO functions as an elder care centre, and a rehabilitation and physiotherapy centre providing medical services for aged patients. They also provide shelter and medical treatment for indigent or destitute patients and orphans who suffer from chronic health conditions.

This is a wonderful way to honour the occasion while fostering a sense of community and belonging among the residents. By volunteering their time and effort, our employees not only helped create a memorable experience for the residents but also demonstrated the power of unity and collective action in making a positive impact on the world around us. Their willingness to give back to the community embodies the values that Mandela Day represents, and the dedication in spreading joy and kindness is truly inspiring.