Supporting Dublin’s homeless

For the second year in a row to mark the Mandela Day, Aspen Ireland’s employees extended their support to Sophia Housing in Dublin demonstrating their continued commitment to making a positive impact in their community.

Sophia Housing supports people as they recover from the trauma of homelessness, providing homes with wrap-around supports to over 1 000 people across Ireland each day. Over the past 5 years the numbers of families, couples, and individuals supported by Sophia has grown by 100%. The Sophia model of support acknowledges the trauma that homelessness causes and concentrates on responding holistically to people’s needs so when they exit homelessness, they are fully supported in their recovery.

Aspen’s employees generously dedicated their time and expertise to renovating the teen room, with a special focus on creating a calm and inviting space that would be accessible and inclusive for all children. Through their collaborative efforts, they not only enhanced the physical environment but also ensured that the space could be enjoyed by all, fostering a sense of belonging and comfort for everyone who enters.