Working together to feed the hungry

For the past seven years Aspen Italia has taken hands with Banco Alimentare's voluntary service at its various offices in Italy to celebrate Mandela Day.

COVID-19 has had a devastating effect on the world, and, unfortunately, this health pandemic placed extreme limitations on our ability to physically support Banco Alimentare as we customarily have.


It is not within our Italian spirit to be defeated or to step back from anything that we are passionate about. As a consequence, 2020 was not going to be a year in which we broke our partnership with this very worthy non-profit organisation who needed our support more than ever.


Banco Alimentare collects surplus product from the food industry and, after sorting and packing it, redistributes it to charitable organisations dedicated to meeting the needs of impoverished people. Established in 1989, Banco Alimentare has 21 organisations across Italy. In 2019, a total of 1878 volunteers assisted to feed 1,584,271 people by distributing 91,235 tons of foods across the country.

Although the Aspen Italia team were not physically permitted to assist with the packing and redistribution of food, we were able to support Banco Alimentare with a financial contribution of US$ 7,861 which was graciously accepted by them. By so doing we contributed toward their most honourable purpose of feeding the hungry while we were also able to demonstate how much we care for those in need.