Forest maintenance to provide quality water supplies in tokyo

Forest conservancy is very important for the supply of fresh air and quality water.

Japan is a country with an abundance of nature with about 68% of this country covered by forests. The Tama forest area in the western part of Tokyo supplies almost 20% of the water needed by businesses and their employees in this city.

A rapidly aging population in this area has resulted in workforce shortages to maintain the privately-owned forests.

On 21 July a number of Aspen Japan’s employees assisted in the preservation and restoration of the unkempt forests to maintain and improve the environment and to avoid the potential negative impact on the water quality.

The team transferred trees and removed them to suitable areas under the guidance of Tama River Water Resources Forest personnel. While volunteering in this means for Mandela Day, the Aspen employees learnt a lot about forest maintenance and environmental preservation, and they also enjoyed the camaraderie of operating as a team for such a worthy cause.