Supporting vulnerable, handicapped residents

Aspen Malaysia has a heart for citizens who experience any form of discomfort, as is evidenced by their years of participation in our Mandela Day campaign.

For Mandela Day 2023, Sunteck Handicapped Welfare Home was filled with joy when 15 employees from Aspen Malaysia gathered to support the 30 children, aged 4 to 68, who call it their home.

Established on 16 September 2014 (Malaysia Day), Sunteck provides comprehensive services for individuals with disabilities, such as Down’s syndrome, autism, meningitis, muscular dystrophy, and cerebral palsy, irrespective of their race and religion. Being a non-profit organization, Sunteck relies on donations from kind-hearted individuals, companies, institutes, and voluntary social organizations to sustain its noble mission.

Our day commenced with a delicious lunch that brought smiles to the faces of every resident, spreading joy and warmth throughout the home.

Thereafter, the air resonated with laughter as the children immersed themselves in a captivating performance by a professional clown. To top it off, a birthday celebration and cake-cutting ceremony were held, marking the special occasion.

The day concluded with beaming smiles and shared laughter, captured forever in group photos.

The children were absolutely delighted and filled with happiness when we donated and installed three new air-conditioner units and fans. Their comfort and well-being became our top priority, and it brought us immense joy to witness their excitement.

Our visit to Sunteck was a true testament to Nelson Mandela’s vision, where every individual is cherished and empowered, regardless of their abilities. Together, we stand in solidarity with Sunteck Handicapped Welfare Home, making a profoundly positive impact on the lives of these extraordinary individuals.