AGI’s kindness benefits disabled children

Activities at the Ranger Foundation Trust started with the children demonstrating their talent through music including Shakira’s Waka Waka; singing the South African National Anthem and saying the morning prayers.

Aspen Global’s (AGI’s) volunteers interacted with some of the 75 children who are inflicted with cerebral palsy and other severe disabilities. The groups made a Mandela hot air balloon, a butterfly tree and a SeaWorld display involving coloring, painting and hand printing.

Donations of a color photocopier and laptops to enhance the children’s ability to use technology were gratefully received. Sponsorships were also provided for a speech and physio therapist who interacted with the children during the day.

The Ranger Foundation Team carefully hosted a mini competition for AGI volunteers that included races and various quizzes which added to the fun on the day. The cupcakes that were provided in the form of the South African flag were a great hit after the children had enjoyed pizza for lunch.

The AGI team have planned a second trail event in September which will also take the form of a fundraiser for the Foundation while giving the children an opportunity to the outdoors with their caregivers.

The smiles on the children faces during the day proved that the AGI team’s kindness was appreciated by each of the young beneficiaries.